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This blog is inspired by my grandmother and her affinity for beautiful clothing and accessories, which sparked my interest in fashion as a young girl. After I completed my Masters in Business Administration program, I sought a creative outlet where I could share my love of fashion and provide tips on putting together classic and timeless outfits for everyday wear or for special events. I don’t have any formal training in fashion, but while shopping or attending events, I’ve had people approach me on numerous occasions expressing interest in my outfit and asking for styling advice.

My style has evolved significantly over the years. Growing up, I frequently experimented with items of clothing that were considered “on trend”, but I found I spent too much time and energy buying things that would only last one season. After discovering what didn’t work, I realized that sticking to classic items of clothing and accessories – for example, a black dress, iconic trench, or red pumps – were a key foundation to any elegant wardrobe. From there, each season you can still have fun by adding a few trendy pieces.

I welcome insightful comments and feedback on my blog!

Ginny’s closet was inspired by my paternal grandmother, Virginia Charlotte, who had the most timeless and elegant style. As a child, I remember spending hours in her walk-in closet, trying on beautiful silk dresses and traipsing around my grandparents’ house in an assortment of high heels. She owned several mink coats, classic handbags, and had a lovely collection of costume jewelry. I never once saw my grandmother ‘dressed down’, even shortly before her death in 2007. She always believed in taking care of her appearance and any occasion was a reason to dress up. In addition to her matching sweater sets and pant suits, her hair was perfectly coiffed, nails neatly manicured, and her outfits accessorized with sparkly brooches and unique statement jewelry. In her opinion, “there was no such thing as being overdressed.”

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