Support Independent Designers: Collaboration with Caleb Smith

I am passionate about creative and artistic ventures. So, when an opportunity
presented itself to work with fitness guru, Caleb Smith, I did not hesitate. Caleb owns ‘Griarte’, a lifestyle brand in Los Angeles and he strives to promote the importance of health and fitness. Caleb explains that, “ here at Griarte
we integrate the five S’s: Sport, Skate, Surf, Swim and Streetwear. We believe in
providing quality products to encourage people to be active and have swagger while
doing it.” Caleb also requires his employees to partake in community service and
10% of profits from website sales go to the The Griarte Foundation. Caleb is also an artist and has a unique eye for design. He partnered with Italian shoe crafter recently to design a pair of GREEFIT ‘Griarte’ sneakers that were inspired by sports fans and vintage running shoes. Each pair of sneakers is custom-crafted and made of white suede and gorgeous Italian leather. Not only are they stylish, but also very comfortable for a plethora of activities: from light exercise to running errands.Help to support Caleb and other independent designers by trying a pair of these chic sneakers for yourself. Click here and add code ‘SPECIAL20’ at checkout for a 20% discount on the GREEFIT sneakers. #GREEFIT #aliveshoes








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